ICE NET Broadband Internet Services
ICE NET is proud to announce the availability of high speed wireless Internet access to its customers. Now you do not have to trouble with extra phone lines, unwanted cable services, or modem connection issues. Our Wi-Fi services offer always-on connectivity at high speeds and competitive prices.
We provide limited and unlimited high-speed broadband internet connections to homes, enterprises, and centers. Our revolutionary methods of service delivery and innovative packaging have set new market standards. Our solution is an extremely easy to use product, requiring no configuration. We are focused entirely to provide our esteemed household and corporate sector with customized Internet services.
Provide Greated speed.
More reliable. More Secure.
Unlimited download and upload.
Cost Efective.
ICE NET provides LRPP (Long Range of Point-To-Point Connectivity) that is an outdoor link for connecting two points more than 1 km apart from each other. In some cases, it will cover more than 20 km if the terrain is not too rough. This outdoor link greatly increases the range, speed, reliability, security, and management in challenging Non Line of Sight (NLOS) terrains and harsh industrial settings.
This is a very popular solution for connecting branch offices and intranet connectivity between two buildings.
ICE Intranet system provides with advanced Radio technology, carrier - class functionality and infrastructure management capabilities
Provides low cost of ownership for infrastructure deployment as well as maintenance
ICE solution for business connectivity is able to meet the challenge and provide high quality service to business customers
Cost effective and hort time to market solution
Utilization of both Non-Line-of-Sight for short distance and Line-of-Site for long distance connectivity.
High capacity and superior radio performance in a wireless network using beamforming and SDMA technology.
ICE NET started offering Managed Network Services to large enterprises and colleges. We acknowledged all the concerns of the market through customer feedback. Our commitment and innovation have created a unique approach to offer a cutting edge networking solution to the enterprises and colleges for the entire network management and optimization.
Our networking services provide a broad portfolio of end-to-end services, help you to lower the network total cost of ownership, and increase business agility and network availability to increase the business value and return on investment of your network.
Lan Management.
Wan Management.
Network Operations Center.
Network System Integration Services
Network Consulting Services
Network Implementation Services
CCTV cameras are used in a variety of circumstances to provide video surveillance especially in School districts to monitor the activity on school campuses, and Businesses to monitor the behavior of employees. CCTV can also help retail establishments by providing protection against loss from theft.
ICE NET specializes in the design, supply and installation of all type of CCTV systems that you will need. We have well experienced experts to install the appropriate CCTV system for your particular requirements such as single or multi, indoor or outdoors in color or black and white with night vision, whatever your surveillance needs.
We can easily assist you with your entire home, school, commercial, retail, and industrial CCTV assignment regardless of the size. We will design a system or service contract to accommodate your budget and your particular situation with no obligations.
Support multiple cameras, which reduces the investment in infrastructure.
Supports protecteed access to ensure the highest level security
Provides low cost of ownership for infrastructure deployment as well as maintenance.
Do you need to view live CCTV footage of your home or business, but are always on the move. Imagine if you could watch your CCTV Cameras from your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere.
With ICE NET service you can have eyes anywhere. This technology is a revolutionary new approach to networking CCTV cameras for allowing you to watch your CCTV's video or picture in your mobile phone anywhere and anytime.
This service allows you to travel anywhere with monitoring your security needs from remote place through the centralized CCTV that you can access globally.
This service provides low cost of ownership for infrastructure deployment as well as maintenance. This makes your life comfortable and easy, and ensures highest level of security.
ICE NET started this service for its customer needs in a friendly manner to telecast live events such as marriages, birthday parties, conventions, public gatherings, festivals and all celebrations. This involves using the internet to broadcast live or pre-recorded audio or video to the world.
This service broadcasts your events at 100 kbps speed with high quality video, and it can invite unlimited participants ranging from 50 to 50,000. It requires no setup because it is purely a web based solution.
It ensures the security of your events from copying and downloading. The usage of latest streaming technology results in high video quality and better color presentation. Our ambition is to provide cost effective and top quality service for the users.
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