ICE NET Broadband Internet Services
Technology Overview
ICE has used technology that substantially enhances the capabilities of current 802.11 standards based wireless technology to enable mass adoption of complete wireless solutions for outdoor last mile access, MAN deployments, campus wireless distribution, specialized indoor wireless networks, and indoor-outdoor integration in challenging and rough terrains where Line of Sight is not available.
ICE uses advanced Wi-Fi wireless broadband base stations operating in the unlicensed bands with latest Unique spatially adaptive, Beam forming technology with Interference mitigation algorithms for extended coverage and capacity.
ICE broadband technology having,
Deep indoor penetration
Uniform coverage under both Line-of-Sight (LOS) and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) conditions
SDMA technology doubles the base station's downlink capacity
Spatially Adaptive Beam forming
Spatially adaptive Beam forming technology is based on multiple radios and multiple antennas array leveraging the multiple signals received and transmitted by them. The multiple signals are properly adjusted by the Beam forming technology to maximize the transmission signal in the client modem and the receiving signal in the base station modem. The base station contains up to six powerful radios, which are used together with high gain antennas to form extremely efficient dynamic Beam forming per packet.
Interference Immunity Suite
Operating in the unlicensed band requires the strongest interference immunity algorithms and tools to cope with existing and future interferences. Utilizing a decade of outdoor Wi-Fi experience, ICE Interference Immunity Suite includes:
Beamforming, with its inherent ability to suppress interference.
The Dynamic Interference Handling (DIH) algorithm, which continuously optimizes receiver's parameters according to varying noise levels.
The Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) algorithm, which scans all channels and automatically selects the best operating channel.
Down Tilted Antenna (DTA) and sector antenna abilities to reject noise out of their fields-of-view.
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